Dressel Divers Club International


This company has a dive centre at the Iberostar Bavaro Hotel in Punta Cana. Their website has information about Dressel, the boats the company uses and activities offered by the company. Links to the Iberostar hotels close to the company are provided. Website users can choose to view the website in English, Spanish, French, German or Italian.

What they offer

The company information includes details about the company’s philosophy, its safety record and its founder. The Boats section of the website provides information about the design of the boats and the equipment they carry. The Activities section gives prospective divers details about snorkeling, diving, other sports and activities for children. Information about prices and reservations is provided on the different pages of this section.

On your mark, get set, dive!

The website’s Photo Blog and Guestbook sections include photos of Dressel divers and testimonials from Dressel customers. There is a link to the Iberostar hotel chain main website on the Dressel site.

Information about diving and snorkeling excursions to nearby islands is provided on the website.

Website users can contact Dressel by using a form on the website.

People who are interested in diving in Punta Canta will find this website extremely helpful.



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