Fire at the Majestic Colonial Hotel in Punta Cana


Majestic Colonial fire april 2012

(Monday April 16 2012) Last night a massive fire affected the kitchen and restaurant of the Majestic Colonial Hotel. More than 1,500 guests were relocated amongst other hotels in the area. The fire chief of the Veron Punta Cana area stated that approximately 60% of the kitchen and staff areas were destroyed by the fire.

*UPDATE* (Wednesday April 18 2012) Before, during and after pictures of the fire that affected parts of the Majestic Colonial. Courtesy of Ricky T.

Fire affected areas marked on the Majestic Colonial map

Majestic Colonial fire april 2012 Map

 Steak house/bathroom/towel shed before fire

Majestic Colonial before fire bathroom towel shed

Majestic Colonial Spa before the fire

Majestic Colonial Before Fire Spa

Steak house fire (first fire)

Majestic Colonial fire april 2012 Steak house

Spa fire begining

Majestic Colonial fire Spa

Spa fire

Majestic Colonial fire 2012 Spa

Bathroom/towel hut fire

Majestic Colonial fire april Bathroom-Towel Hut

West bar fire

Majestic Colonial fire april 2012 west bar

West bar and steak house after the fire

Majestic Colonial fire after west bar steak house

Steak house after the fire (side view)

Majestic Colonial fire after steak house side view

Inside the steak house after the fire

Majestic Colonial fire after steak house

West bar after fire 

Majestic Colonial fire after west bar

Spa after the fire

Majestic Colonial fire After Spa

Spa/pool area after the fire

Majestic Colonial fire after spa view

Side of the spa after the fire

Majestic Colonial fire after spa side view



  1. We left on the 21st after the fire ,never heard any smoke alarms and made the decison to go to room and get passports and luggage as the flames roared without stopping ,we got our stuff and bailed out of room as heat and smoke got too much when the spa went up ,, we met some people that had lost stuff from their rooms , during the fire Hmmmmm. Could smell smoke at lobby on 21st when we were leaving just sad such a great place to have such choas ,.To get away from the smoke smell noise of clean up crew try the little bus to the mall really nice every hour from lobby or just plain hang at the beach .The pool hadnt opened really parts were still closed and there were scads of people from both resorts crammed into the facilites that werent affectted. Hopefully they can address some of the issues thats makes them not so good like why I didint hear any alarms . anyhow i doubt i will go back but if the issues are addressed perhaps it will be ok for others it was so NICE. boo hoo. it just bummered our vacation i had a horrile time trying to sleep all that week there also thinking of the fire. Next time i travel im taking a small smoke alarm for sure you just never know when a a small grease fire will take out the centre of a resort .

  2. We walked by on April 26 and they had a crane there and lots of people working/cleaning up. Looks like they want to get it fixed quickly. We stayed at Gran Bahia Principe Esmeralda which is very close, I think I would stay at another resort until they have it back in working order. We loved the Esmeralda.

  3. Hey, travelers,
    I was involved during the tragic fire at the Majetic. It was so surreal. We stood back and watched it just blaze. No panic, no chaos. Unfort., my family and I were enjoying our last night on the 15th. Up until then it was a great vacation. The staff was great/food was, just ok. The best meal we had was at the “Steak house”. We stayed in the side of the hotel that was not allowed back into our rooms until at least 3am. We stayed in the “auditorium” through the night. My husband managed to get our passports in the beginning of the fire. I was ready to haul a cab (like I thought I was in NYC-lol) and get to the airport home. That was not happening. We sat around/watched a Michael Jackson show, then some movies.
    I still cannot believe that no one was injured. No fire alarms, no sprinklers… NOT the USA for sure. Would I have recommended this resort prior to the fire, YES. But I would suggest the Melia Tropicale for the hotel rooms & food.

  4. I will be traveling with 6 others and set to arrive on May 26th. Hopefully everything is close to being back to normal… I would hate for all 7 of us spending almost $10k(US) to go to a resort that we can’t even swim at in a pool… I understand we would be able to use some of the amenities at Elegance but, the feeling of being an outsider and being looked at like we don’t belong there isn’t my thought of spending our vacation…lol…. Thinking if I should switch to Elegance… Any suggestions?

    • I just had my travel agent call the resort and they said that by the time we arrive, everything should be fixed…ill be there the last week of May

      • Hello, I’m supposed to be traveling to the Majestic Colonial in the beginning of July, but my family and I were having concerns due to the fire. Is the resort completely functional? I was thinking about switching resorts, so I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

    • I would try to change my stay…. on vaca you should not have to worry about a thing other than maybe a “buzz” or when your taking your 2nd nap of the day!

  5. I’m scheduled to leave for the Elegance Club on May 24. I know I still have plenty of time for things to get fixed up but just wanted make sure I understood one thing. Are the Elegance Club and Colonial separate? I guess my question is, the steak house that was involved in the fire, would guests of the Elegance Club have been allowed to go there or is that a totally separate Resort? Sorry, I know these are things I should probably know but I’m a little confused on the layout of both places

    • Ant: The Colonial and Elegance are separate resorts owned by Majestic. If you google map it you can see the lines of property. The Colonial steakhouse was involved in the fire and the Elegance guests couldn’t go there before the fire. Now that the fire has happened and the Colonial patrons don’t have one at the beach they can now go to the Elegance for all of their facilites. Ya, that might be a little crowded depending on how many patrons are there, but better than being booked into the Colonial and having to walk over to the Elegance. If you go to the top of this page and look at the map of the Colonial at the bottom of the map is where the Elegance is situated. The fire took out the areas marked with a red X.Hope this helps.

  6. I would recommend that you change to the Elegance if possible as the dirty looks at our wristband was enough to keep me away, this was from staff and patrons.
    There is no food or washrooms close to the Colonial beach and this is bad. They tried to get food up and running but too much sandblasting the food was the killer.
    The bar at the beach is running but take a covered container if you do go there as more sand in drink and is very busy with only 2 bartenders as compared to the steakhouse bar with 4 bartenders, when it was operating.
    There is only 1/3 of the pool open and no kiddies pool as of thurs April 19 when we left.I don’t know if they can get the rest of the pool open as there will be construction going on for a while. Be careful when swimming in pool as we found a 3″ rusted nail on the bottom, most likely from the demolition of the damaged roof.
    We saw workers on top of the spa taking the rest of the palm fronds off and people sunbathing almost right underneath. I can email pics if you want.
    The hot tub on the north side of the spa was tarped off when we last saw it,who knows whats going on there.
    What is annoying is the long walks to the Elegance side if you want to use that facility, then the rolling eyes, dirty looks and limited reservation capacity for their restaurants.
    I was in the 1 block and had some smoke damage to the room, still smelt when we left but the repeated begging to at least have my clothes cleaned was met with indifference and deflections to the travel agent-as if they could clean my clothes.
    If I was going there in the next few months I would switch to the Elegance side or if you have kids go somewhere else.

    My $.02

  7. The beachouse steak resaurant that was the start of the fire has warped steel beams that will need to be replaced. This will take time as they are custom made and it will be months to get them ordered/shipped/installed and roof put on. I was there from April 12 -19 and saw the fire. They should replace all roofs with clay tiles and forget about the dangerous palm leaves that dry out creating a tinderbox, especially with no alarms and a volunteer fire dept. These resorts are usually close to the sea and away from major centres(and large fire depts.) so they should have some sort of dry or wet sprinklers or train staff in how to pull a fire hose out, connect it and turn the water on.Most employees just stood around watching.
    One glaring thing that came out for me was the importance of creating a plan if someone gets lost, emergency, etc, is to find a safe spot to go to and have someone back home that you can all call in these events. Much like the fire drill we all have been told to have at home.
    This to me is not a 5 star resort and the staff is overworked leading to shoddy service.

  8. How can it not be affecting the normal life at the resort? Looking at the affected areas, it’s like the best part of the resort has been destroyed. I’m heading there soon and I’m worried about no beach washrooms, no swim up bar, no spa, no steak house, burnt buildings down the whole center of the resort, and no kids pool.

  9. We are going on Mayb2nd for our honey moon…will most areas be fine by then? Mostly interested in pool grills and swim up bars.

    • we are going May 3 staff are still not certain the swim up bar will be open by the time we arrive if not guess we will have to use the elegance swim up bar, there is a temporary bar and bbq set up on the beach right now, there is also a pool bar a little further up the pool where you can get out of the pool and grab a drink, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the swim up bar will be open by the time we arrive.

  10. Hi There. We are schedualed to arrive there on April 27th. Does anyone know (of what was damaged) will be up and running by that time?

  11. Guest were arriving the day we left which was the day after the fire. Another friend who is there until Wed wrote me today stating pretty much 100% of the debris from the fire is already cleaned up. They are working 24 hrs a day to get it cleaned up. Weddings went on today at the beach in front of the Colonial and at the sister hotel Elegance next door. Pool was half open today and they anticipate the entire pool to be open by Thursday or Friday. Keep in mind the restaurant that burnt down is one of seven at this resort. All others are fine. If you need a massage, they have a massage area set up on the beach. Really amazing how calm these folks are and how quickly they get things back in order. For sure, they need a better system in place to handle these type of emergencies, better training and better local fire dept. I would add fire alarms and springlers but that’s typical of resorts since the DR does not have codes regulating this as we do in the US and Canada. Hats off to the staff.
    I have some very good aftermath still pictures I took the next day but don’t know how I could share them here. Write me if you want to see them.

    • Ricky,
      I just returned on April 13th and my family and I would like to see the pictures. We had a wonderful time and are hoping to return one day! Thanks for sharing.
      My email address is …

    • I would really like to see the pictures, I was there for my sister’s wedding last week. We left on Thursday and could not believe what happened 3 days later..

    • hi ricky, we are booked to go to the Majestic Colonial August 7th. im sure things will be back to normal by then but i would like to see your pictures.

    • Hey Ricky……

      How is the resort now, is it OK and are they receiving guests….What is your advice….

      Much appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible….


    • Hello,

      We are leaving this coming Sunday for Majestic Colonial… your article calmed us down I’m telling you. I would like to see few pictures of the after fire if you have some.

      Thank you.

    • Thank you Ricky for wrting this!!! I was supposed to be there this week for my little cousin’s wedding which was to take place yesterday (Wed). I have been worried about them all. Thanks to you I see that their wedding was maybe the one you refer to as having taken place on the beach yesterday !

  12. still out in Dominican i was relocated to another hotel the damage is not bad but the steak/seafood house is just a shell of what it used to be personally i think that the that the hotel is terrible when it comes to a emergency the fire alarms do not work me and my cousin ran down blocks 4&3 pressing the alarms and they did not go off however the staff we amazingly good at keeping calm and carrying on has normal,a show was put on to distract the guests from the fire but the hotel needs a alarm system we went to this hotel has a party of 28 i was in the sports bar with my older cousins and another one of my cousins was in his room 4229 the others were in the the lobby when they found out the resort was on fire they panicked because they could not find us and we didn’t know of the fire so that did not help us getting out of the hotel.

  13. Folks, just returned today (April 17) from the Majestic Colonial. Here are the facts. Fire started in the steak / seafood house near the beach. Sparks through the chiminey got up on the palm roof top. Entire building was engulfed within minutes. Due to the winds, the fire spread quickly to the wet bar building and the spa which were both destroyed. Note that these buildings have the palm roofs so this is pretty much what burned, the rest of the building is salvagable. None of the four guest rooms buildings were damaged (stucco roofs and cement structure). All guest for buildings 3&4 were allowed back to their rooms around 1:30am. Guest for building 1&2 around 3am. Only 100 or so guest were relocated, not all the 1,500 guest as was incorrectly noted here. Majestic Colonial is allowing all guest to use the Majestic Ellegance facilities, pool, restaurants, etc… Note only one restaurant at the Colonial was destroyed, all others are fine. They predict in a month or two, the buildings will be re-built. Immediately after the fire the next day, they set up a grill station on the beach and bar. Business as usual. The staff there were phenominal and should be commended. However, they need more training on these types of disasters and the local fire dept was very slow in responding (38 minutes). No fire alarms either but this is more of a lack of code regulations that you will see at most resorts. They did go around and knock on every door to make sure everyone got out. We had a great vacation there and recommend it to others. They will rebuild the steak restaurant, spa and pool bar area.

    • Nice report Ricky….we were at the Majestic Colonial the week before the fire and our second time there. So sad about the buildings, but no one was hurt which is the main thing. The Majestic Colonial is a beautiful resort and the staff is friendly and helpful. We will return to this resort and it will be better than ever.

    • There were NO injuries reported, apparently the fire didin’t affect the rooms area. As a precaution the fire department relocated all guests amongst other hotels in the area.

  14. Can you please tell me when the Majestic Colonial will be booking vacations again….we were about to book for May 27 …cause of the tragic fire we cannot…We really have our hearts set on this resort…
    Please let us know when we can book on line..
    Thank you

      • Thank you….I know we can book threw Sunwing on line..but we are up north in Ontario and want to book threw Air Canada…and this site will not let us book out of Timmins or Toronto…
        If things can be booked ….maybe you should contact Air Canada and advise them on this…
        Thanks a bunch

    • We stayed right next to it at the Elegence Club for another $400/person that was a “nicer” resort within Magestic and got back last night. I’m sure there are plenty of places just as nice. The fire was so hush hush we didn’t even know what happened. So if your heart is set on the resort, just go to The Elegance Club.

      RESORT: Very nice. Beautiful main lobby great for cocktails before your dinner. Beautiful pools. and beaches VERY clean & even hand groomed all day.
      BUT, Guess what? Poor construction of a beautiful resort….it is cracking everywhere if you look around……and be careful where you walk. The concrete stamped path will trip you!

      STAFF: some great, some not so great

      FOOD: I call it, “wedding food, but worse. no seasoning & not hot”
      The four of us agreed the food was NOT very good so I imagine it wouldn’t be better there. We have high expectations, and I, being a personal chef from Philadelphia, describe the food as disappointing. Even in some of the nicer restaurants with “reservations only”, the food was warm, or cold ….prepared earlier in the day and reheated. I just don’t think they have a passion or care for food. And they rarely season the food. NO BUENO!

    • you are still able to book reservations the hotel is fully operating and open for bussiness, and are totally booked at the momnent.


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