hot air balloon punta cana


Up, up and away!

Punta Cana hot air balloon flights are a new sight in the sky over the city,  a quiet overfly of the Bavaro and Punta Cana area  to see the beautiful beaches and landscapes from above. This hot air balloon service in Punta Cana is being offered by the Dominican Balloons company (Domball) and the initiative has strong support from the Dominican Ministry of Tourism.

punta cana hot air balloon

There are two hot air balloon flights any given day, one in the morning (dawn) and another one in the evening (dusk). The trip comprises:

  • Arrival at the takeoff point
  • Preparation and inflation of the balloon
  • Briefing and drinks
  • Takeoff and flight
  • Landing and packing of the balloon
  • Food (breakfast or refreshments, depending on the shift)
  • Champagne toast
  • Flight certificate

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