Punta Cana Shopping: Where to go?

If you’re planning a trip to Punta Cana, chances are you’re coming for the beautiful beaches and a little rest and relaxation. While you’re here, you may decide you want to do some shopping. Fortunately, Punta Cana has a variety of fantastic places to go shopping.

No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s American-style shopping malls or authentic Dominican markets, you’re sure to find it while shopping in Punta Cana.

It’s also important to note that in Punta Cana, many places are cash only. Even places that accept credit cards will likely give you a discount of some kind if you’re willing to pay in cash. When you’re ready to go shopping, give these places a try.

punta cana shopping

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Punta Cana Shopping Mall

I find that many people search for this term on google thinking that there’s only one single place to shop in Punta Cana, granted the city is not big but since it’s a tourist destination (THE #1 tourist destination in the caribbean according to tripadvisor) there are many options available for everything, including shopping.

There is no single place called “Punta Cana Shopping Mall”, there are however, plenty of options to go shopping in Punta Cana and the most famous are:

Plaza Bavaro

plaza bavaro punta canaPlaza Bávaro can be a great place to go, but only if you’re willing to haggle. Many of the prices at this shopping plaza are over-inflated, and if you purchase what’s on the price tag, you’re probably overpaying. The nice thing about Plaza Bavaro is that there are a lot of locals that shop here, so you can get a sense of where everyday Dominicans do their shopping.

The downside is that many visitors to Punta Cana feel that the vendors and store owners at Plaza Bavaro can be too pushy in trying to convince you to buy something, but if you’re prepared for that, and you’re ready to haggle, it can be a great place to go shopping in Punta Cana.

It is a good outlet with many different shops ranging from clothes to food. I enjoyed visiting but found it to be a bit pricey so as a sight seeing place it is good but for shopping I will not recommend it. The good thing is I got to get my cell phone SIM card as there are 3 different companies to choose from.

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The vendors at his mall are hungry for a sale. They are friendly, but pushy. For the best deal you have to be prepared to walk away from them. Chances are they will follow you, and make a deal original tripadvisor review

tripadvisor review

Palma Real Shopping Village

Palma Real Shopping VillageThe Palma Real Shopping Village (also known as Palma Real Shopping Centre or Punta Cana Shopping Village) is one of the best places to go if you’re looking to do some serious shopping. Many people prefer this shopping center to Plaza Bavaro, as some feel that Plaza Bavaro is too intense and that the vendors are too pushy.

Most resorts offer a free shuttle bus to Palma Real, so a rental car isn’t necessary. Besides the variety of different shops, Palma Real also offers several restaurants to choose from, including U.S.-based chains such as the Hard Rock Cafe and Tony Roma’s.

Basically, this is a good place to go shopping in Punta Cana if you’re looking for something a little more upscale and a little closer to the kind of shopping experiences you can have in the U.S.

“There are plenty of high end stores, at reasonable prices at some places at least compared to Canada, really good souvenir shops a lot cheaper then the resort. the mall has an open roof and u can smoke in the mall which kinda felt a little weird. but neat at the same time.”

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  • Stores from 10am – 10pm
  • Restaurants from 10am – “until you drop”

Store Directory






Circus & Dolls





Vince Camuto


Movie Max

Palacio del Cine

Jewelry & Accessories

Circus & Dolls

Good Times



Laura Tosato


Amber Museum


Sense Sunglasses


Gifts & Souvenirs

Gift Expression

Hard Rock Shop


Amber Museum


Adolfo Dominguez


Antony Morato


Armani Exchange




Circus & Dolls






Health & Beauty



Sense perfumes

Spa Beauty Salon


Banco de Reservas

Banco Popular Dominicano




Globo Cambio


Sol Meliá VC

Special Stores

CiG´S Aficionados

Pharmacy Melo






Punto y Corcho


El Burrito

Hard Rock Café


Tony Roma’s

Bon Ice Cream

san juan shopping center Punta Cana

San Juan Shopping Center

This is the newest shopping mall in Punta Cana and it’s also very complete, it has a big supermarket if you’re ever in the need for some groceries. This mall is oriented, in my opinion, more towards to local people than tourists (unlike the Palma Real Shopping Village) so if you want to mingle with the dominicans while shopping this would be a good option. The San Juan Shopping Mall features a movie theater, restaurants, fashion stores, beauty centers and spas.

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A good choice of shops and most hotel provide free transport .Very keen prices and the phone guy in samsung sorted out a problem with my mobile phone. Also a supermarket where i would taking local currency as the cashiers always point you to the nearby bank .

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 Bi2JH2O Artisanal Shopping Plaza

Pronounced “bibijagua” (bee-ja-gooah ). Located in the sands of Bavaro Beach, this bazaar like marketplace is a great place to shop for cigars, handicrafts, mamajuana, handmade musical instruments, paintings, wood carvings, sculptures and amber, larimar, and coral jewelry. Accesible by foot from various hotels and by cab.

punta cana shopping villageGalerias at Puntacana Village

The Galerias at Puntacana Village lie within a booming residential complex on the way to the airport. Originally built for the employees of the Punta Cana Resort living in Punta Cana but now they have become a famous tourist draw.

There are various restaurants with different atmospheres, a supermarket, commercial banks, doctor’s office, international school and churches.

Shopping Within Your Hotel

If you don’t feel like coming out of your hotel you can shop for presents and souvenirs within the hotels gift shops, expect to pay considerably more though.

caribbean street shopping punta canaCaribbean Street

Caribbean Street is a fantastic place to go shopping in Punta Cana. Accesible only from within the ClubHotel Riu Bambu with its adorable, brightly colored shops and palm trees lining the street, it has a very authentic Caribbean vibe.

There are a variety of stores to choose from as well. Besides practical stores, such as a pharmacy and a gym, Caribbean Street has a number of gift shops and boutiques selling one-of-a-kind clothing. There’s also a Harrison’s Jewelers, which makes some of the finest jewelry in the Caribbean.

If you’re up for a splurge, it’s a great way to get something unique so you’ll always remember your trip to Punta Cana.