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If you are traveling to Punta Cana for the first time and have heard warnings about drinking the local water, you may be asking, “Are frozen drinks okay?” Here is some information which might save you some stomach distress and time.

Some Advice

There is advice that you should only drink bottled water and avoid ice since the Dominican Republic’s water is not quite the same quality as that which Americans, Canadians, and Europeans are accustomed to.

This goes for ice cubes as well and frozen drinks, made with ice. Local bars may use the water from the tap; that is where a problem might arise. U.S. News Travel advises against ice and frozen drinks.

What are Frozen Drinks?

The definition of a frozen drink is one that is made with blended ice and alcohol. Think of a slushie, one type of frozen drink. You may have had a frozen daiquiri or non-alcoholic carbonated drink, such as a Slurpee.

Blended drinks in Punta Cana are made with the blender and ice as well as other tasty ingredients.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Glass of water

Since they use filtered water for their drinks at the All-Inclusive resorts, their frozen drinks should be fine. Feel free to order a Pina Colada or Coco Loco when staying at an All-Inclusive resort.

A discussion by travelers that took place quite a while ago says that ice drinks in hotels are safe. Read about it here.

Local Bars

If you are going out and about to the local bars, you should not drink anything with ice cubes as well as frozen drinks, just to be safe.

A chain restaurant bar, that you are familiar with from back home, is probably using filtered water, so you can feel free to order frozen drinks there.

Potable Water

Man drinking a bottle of water

As far as drinking water is concerned, when you are out in town or sightseeing, you should always carry filtered bottled water. This is to avoid dehydration and being tempted to drink the local water if you are thirsty.

Since drinking the local water has been shown to cause some people intestinal distress, this is the safest option. You do not want to spend any part of your vacation being sick.

By avoiding the local water and frozen drinks and opting for the water and frozen drinks at the hotels and resorts, you should be able to enjoy a wonderful Punta Cana vacation.


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