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If you are searching for the most beautiful resorts you can find, your search can stop right here. Up front, it’s all about exquisite views with crystal clear, sky-blue waters, breezy and romantic atmosphere, soothing relaxation and the most beautiful beach resorts – anywhere.

It’s all about Punta Cana resorts in the Dominican Republic that couples like you simply have to be a part of.

Perhaps you haven’t heard enough about how incredible Punta Cana actually is. Perhaps you never considered a vacation to such a luxurious locale before.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Punta Cana at all. These are three great reasons to keep reading. Punta Cana is calling your name.

The Coconut Coast

If there is anything that summons up an honest beach vacation, it’s that fresh coconut smell. Sun worshipers slather on aromatic coconut oils to soften skin and enhance golden tans.

Imagine palm leaves swaying in cooling ocean breezes, whispering tunes of a gentle airiness, lulling the senses, capturing the soul.

Welcome to the Caribbean’s best, Punta Cana – a memorable place whose 40+ mile palm tree-lined island is endearingly referred to as The Coconut Coast. Punta Cana is home for the heart.

The Coconut Coast Vacationing Life

Impressive Punta Cana life is at every turn. Resort life, nightlife, daytime activities, nature’s finest attractions, water sports and more literally lure you to experience it all. There isn’t anything screaming at you to join in.

You just fall in love and experience the magic of the island’s treasures. That’s the whole point of a vacation, isn’t it?

To fall in love with beauty, tranquility and even, falling in love with love. Whether it’s your first time or not, Punta Cana’s love is in the air and will get you in the mood to love the life you are living.

Romancing the Day in Punta Cana

Starting with romance, Punta Cana’s offerings hardly have to utter a word. Its natural existence, surrounding beauty, and abundant amenities immediately envelope you with intrigue and invitation.

Mornings take on the courtship couples desire. Begin your day with the enchantment of Punta Cana’s finest atmospheres.

Walk hand-in-hand for a quiet morning stroll on the beach or get your gym workout in before the warmer hours of the day.

Sunrise at the beachOrder flavorful breakfast foods like fresh mangu, Dominican salami, queso Frito and eggs any way you like them. Or take in an early lunch of La Bandera, the country’s national meal consisting of white rice, res guisada (braised chicken or beef), habichuelas guisadas (stewed beans) and a lush, green salad.

Loving the One You’re With

Spending an unforgettable time with the one you love opens up doors to the heart. Punta Cana can’t help itself but support this magnetism. It thrives on the love couples feel.

It is a romantic slice of the hearts it wishes to encourage. That means Punta Cana thrives on sharing its opulence and bounty with everyone.

It might be believed that Cupid actually inhabits Punta Cana. Are you a believer yet?

Venture off to nearby shopping venues for a little Dominican Republic temptation. Mall-browsing enthusiasts will enjoy the BlueMall Punta Cana.

Its show-stopping shopping destination has everything from A to Z.

The Palma Real Shopping Village is also another one-stop shop for movie-goers, hot air ballooning, bar and lounging, and of course, shopping. Perhaps more of a local artisan scene with distinct local flavors is preferred.

Punta Cana loves bringing vendors together in fascinating flea market venues. Peruse stunning artifacts and wares of Bavaro Beach Flea Market has to offer as one of Punta Cana’s most traditional market experiences.

Flea market

Stop in any of the divine local eating establishments like La Lenas, where mouths water for indescribably delicious pastries and aromatic coffees.

Honeymooners will enjoy dining on the scrumptious lobster tail in a brandy Alfredo sauce by the sea at Lorenzillo’s Punta Cana restaurant.

Don’t be surprised to see beautiful starry skies at night, gorgeous sunsets and moon rise that flirt with the very essence of a lover’s dream.

Resorts that Take Your Breath Away

Heart-stirring experiences are exactly what the island of the Dominican Republic is designed for, especially for couples.

Now that you’ve seen a little taste of Punta Cana’s amenities, let’s get right to the finest resorts and comfort zones every couple longs to linger in.

Excellence Punta Cana Resort

Couples and honeymooners desiring charm and exceptional beaches come to Excellence Punta Cana resort for everything on their romantic vacationing wish lists.

Indulge the heart with incredible custom-designed beach-view suites, swim-up suites and rooftop suites where horizons meld together in amazing harmony.

Each luxurious suite option includes plush provisions, lavishly personalized comfort and elaborate accents that promise couples romantic flavors of love and excitement all in one outstanding location.

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana Resort

Sophistication, unsurpassed service, awe-inspiring views, and beautiful couples come together in harmony at the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana resort.

Its lush setting offers a private and cozy compass for quiet walks on the beach, enjoying a glass of wine under the stars or just relaxing on the terrace and soaking up the scenery.


Easy boutique shopping, transportation accommodations, handicap accommodations, and Sunday Mass are but a few of the exceptional amenities available at the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana Resort

Couples seeking an exquisitely accommodating resort that speaks the language of love and extra-curricular entertainment heads straight to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana Resort. Even the name sounds exciting.

This popular 5-star resort offers all the romance and luxury a couple could ask for.

Beachfront amenities, 18-Nicklaus golf course, classic music memorabilia, and full-service casino are fabulous options for the taking, just to name a few.

All mentioned resorts are of the highest quality, with all the full-service provisions imaginable.

There is so much more to explore, experience and include in your romantic getaway, here at Punta Cana. Don’t take our word for it. Come. See for yourselves. You may never want to leave!


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