Punta Cana Weather

In Punta Cana, over 80% of the year is rain free. Like most tropical climates, you can be strolling in a pleasant early morning shower, then the rain will stop, and before you know it, you’re dry.

December to April is known as the Caribbean’s cool season, with midday temperatures in the mid-eighties.

It can be windy, and get as cool as the low-seventies.

The odds of a hurricane hitting a particular area on a specific date are remote, but take precautions when traveling to Punta Cana during hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30.

Even though the last major hurricane to hit the Dominican Republic directly was back in 1998 the country is located in what it’s called “hurricane alley” and every year being affected by a hurricane is a real possibility.

Luckily hurricane trajectories can be forecasted days in advance which should give you enough time to change your plans if you need to or take the necessary life preserving precautions if you are already here.

punta cana weather

Punta Cana Weather in January

Avg High 81F | Avg Low 71F | Avg Rain 2.60 in | Water Temp 81F

If you are expecting to visit Punta Cana in the month of January then you are in for some great comfortable weather.

January is one of the months with the lowest temperatures.

The typical Punta Cana weather in January temperature can be as high as 81 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to 71 degrees Fahrenheit in the late evenings.

It is perfect weather to visit some of the known tourists attractions during the day and to sleep comfortably without the air conditioner during the evenings.

Visiting Punta Cana in January is probably your best bet if you are not one for high temperatures and humidity.

Punta Cana Weather in February

Avg High 81F | Avg Low 71F | Avg Rain 2.10 in | Water Temp 79F

Punta Cana is a very popular travel destination during the month of February. Punta Cana weather in february is beautiful hence why this month attracts the most vacationers.

Tourists can expect little to no humidity and also little to no rain.

The temperature can peek around 81 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to 71 degrees Fahrenheit during the evenings.

It is one of the best months for Punta Cana tourists to enjoy a little sun on the beach during the humidity free days and sleep comfortably during the evenings.

Punta Cana Weather in March

Avg High 82F | Avg Low 71F | Avg Rain 2.60 in | Water Temp 81F

st patricks day punta canaMarch is usually the month of the year when college students are on Spring Break and looking to go somewhere for a nice and warm vacation.

Punta Cana weather in March typically averages from about a little over 80° Fahrenheit in the daytime and at nighttime, it will usually get as low as to about 71° Fahrenheit.

The warm weather typically is one of the major key factors in the area for the tourists to come and relax and get away from their daily lives.

Typical advice would be to pack as if you were going on vacation during the summer.

Punta Cana Weather in April

Avg High 85F | Avg Low 72F | Avg Rain 2.70 in | Water Temp 81F

In Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, people like to say it’s summer all year round.

This is true, up to a certain point, but not all summers are created equal.

April is the start of the hot season, but it won’t reach ninety like it will in the summer, so temperatures are still pleasant.

Mornings and evenings are cool, in the high sixties, so pack a sweater if you get easily chilled.

April is ideal if you want to avoid rain. Even if it does rain, it will be short and sweet. Best of all, hurricane season doesn’t start till June.

Punta Cana Weather in May

Avg High 85F | Avg Low 73F | Avg Rain 4.90 in | Water Temp 82F

During the month of May travelers might experience a bit more humidity and heat than they might during other months.

The average temperatures during the day go from 31 degrees Celsius which is 87 degrees Fahrenheit to 23 degrees Celsius which is 73 degrees Fahrenheit during the late nights.

Travelers should also keep in mind that it will most likely rain a bit during the month of May. It is suggested you bring an umbrella, just in case.

punta cana summer weather

punta cana hurricane season junePunta Cana Weather in June

Avg High 86F | Avg Low 75F | Avg Rain 4.10 in | Water Temp 82F

June 1st: Start of the hurricane season.

In June, the weather in Punta Cana can vary. It might not be as humid as other months but June is known as the beginning of hurricane season so you might expect a bit of rain.

The normal temperature during the month of June is 86 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the late evenings.

The UV index is at an 11 in the month of June so a bit of extra sun screen while lounging outside might be the way to go!

punta cana hurricane season julyPunta Cana Weather in July

Avg High 86F | Avg Low 76F | Avg Rain 3.10 in | Water Temp 82F

Traveling to Punta Cana in the month of July means you may have to deal with intense humidity.

The normal high in July is approximately 86 degrees Fahrenheit during the day time and 76 degrees Fahrenheit during the evenings.

You also should take into account the humidity as it may feel hotter than it really is.

You can also expect a bit of rain during the month of July as the rainy season typically begins in May.

Always remember your sun screen if visiting there in July as without it a lazy day on the beach might give you a bad case of sun burn.

punta cana hurricane season augustPunta Cana Weather in August

Avg High 87F | Avg Low 76F | Avg Rain 4.10 in | Water Temp 82F

punta cana hot monthsAugust is one of the hottest months in Punta Cana which is not a bad thing for Caribbean destination.

Average rainfall is higher than July’s but it’s not a vacation wrecker totaling on average 4.10 inches.

Nights don’t cool down as much so make sure your hotel is equipped with room air conditioning or you’ll be tossing and turning all night long.

The hurricane season begins to peak during August and September but that doesn’t mean a storm is imminent, just that hurricane formation is higher in these two months.

punta cana hurricane season septemberPunta Cana Weather in September

Avg High 87F | Avg Low 75F | Avg Rain 4.00 in | Water Temp 84F

The temperature during the day is about 87 degrees; during the evening expect it to drop to about 75 degrees.

September is the peak of hurricane season for this location.

Even though September is the peak of hurricane season it is not very common for Punta Cana to get hit with tropical storms, even though the Dominican Republic is in the “natural path” of tropical hurricanes.

punta cana hurricane season OctoberPunta Cana Weather in October

Avg High 86F | Avg Low 74F | Avg Rain 6.00 in | Water Temp 84F

On October temperatures begin to cool down but it’s still fairly hot (Dominican Republic never actually get very cool).

This is the most humid month of the entire year with rainfall being significantly higher than the rest of  the year.

The hurricane season begins to wind down and storm formation is less frequent.

Remember that an actual direct hit from a hurricane is not very common (decades apart).

punta cana hurricane season DecemberPunta Cana Weather in November

Avg High 84F | Avg Low 73F | Avg Rain 4.60 in | Water Temp 82F

November 30th: End of the hurricane season.

The month of November is a good time to travel to the beautiful location of Punta Cana.

The weather tends to be bright and sunny during the day. At night, the temperature drops and it is kind of cool.

One may want to carry a jacket at night while out and about.

This fabulous location does not get a lot of rain during this time of year.

Hurricane season ends in the month of November so you can plan your trip in time for the holidays without the worry of tropical storms.

Punta Cana Weather in December

Avg High 82F | Avg Low 72F | Avg Rain 3.10 in | Water Temp 81F

punta cana in decemberDecember is one of the coolest months (by dominican standars that is) but temperatures remain ideal for a Caribbean vacation.

Waters are a little colder than during summer months but nothing to extreme. Rainfall is not a real issue in December.

Punta Cana is perfect this time of year to leave behind the freezing temperatures and replace the layers of coats with layers of sunscreen.


    • We were at Punta Cana from Feb 15- 22nd. 2018
      Swim trunks, shorts, tees. Flip flops.
      1 pair slacks and collared shirt and loafers, for fine dining.
      Weather was 84 each day. 72 each evening, the low. No rain during the day.
      3 couples went.
      We can’t wait to return. The people there are wonderful.

  1. Going to Punta Cana – Riu Republica Nov. 19. First trip for my husband and I and we are super excited. He is on his third cancer battle – still undergoing chemo but taking a short break. Doc. says it will be good for both of us. Yay

  2. I was in Punta Cana in April for 10 days, the weather was fantastic. Super hot. The beach was amazing, best beach I’ve seen in a long time – Bavaro. Stayed at the Barcelo Punta Cana, no complaints. We leave in 12 days, had to go back, mainly for that glorious beach. We leave Nov.17, this time for 2 weeks ! Tropical Princess Beach Resort & Spa. Cannot wait ! Counting down the days – it’s gettin’ so chilly in Montreal ! Cheers :o)

    • Hi how is the night life were you stay because m planning to go to punta Cana but I want to know if there a a good life night


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