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All inclusive hotel? So what! At night you have to go into town!

When it comes to nightlife in Punta Cana, many tourists decide to stay within their resort to save money. After all, many tourists arrange all inclusive packages with their resorts, so it makes economic sense to stay there and enjoy free beverages and entertainment. Other tourists decide to venture outside their resort and party with the locals. But whether a tourist enjoys the night life at his resort or out in the streets of Punta Cana, he is sure to have a great time.

At Punta Cana resorts, evening celebrations usually begin after nightfall around 9 p.m. At this time, most Punta Cana resorts hold evening performance shows, which no guest should miss. Many resorts hire incredible performers for these night shows. Maybe even go try your luck at the resort’s casino with a hand of poker or a spin of the roulette.

Punta Cana after midnight

Punta Cana’s nightclubs start to fill up with people around midnight after everyone has finished dinner. The bars and clubs (or discotheques) serve up plenty of dancing and delicious beers and cocktails. Punta Cana is particularly well known for its rum-based cocktails, like the cubra libre (rum and cola) and the santa libre (rum and lemon-lime soda). For those who prefer beer, the Presidente is the local beer of choice.

The DJs at the discotheques play a lot of merengue, one of the most popular music genres in the Dominican Republic. In fact, the merengue is the Dominican Republic’s national dance. Dominicans once looked down upon the merengue because it was thought to be a dance of the lower class. This changed when a lower class man became president and brought the merengue to the mainstream. The merengue has remained as a lasting cultural icon of the Dominican Republic. Tourists who would like to experience nightlife like the locals should look into taking merengue lessons. But the clubs also play other music genres, like rock, salsa, and reggae, in addition to all your favorite contemporary hits from the United States and Europe.

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Where to go?

Without question, one of the most popular nightclubs in Punta Cana is the MANGU DISCOTHEQUE. Mangu is located at the Occidental Flamenco Hotel. In addition to music and dancing, the Mangu is also a great spot to catch a sports game. The Mangu boasts a huge television screen and the bar broadcasts important baseball, soccer, and football games nightly.

Another popular nightclub is the AREITO, which is located at the Hotel Hodelpa Resort. Some say the Areito is Punta Cana’s best nightclub for dancing. After all, Areito does translate to English as “The Dance of the Gods.” The Areito has two dance halls to satisfy different music tastes. One hall plays traditional merengue and the other plays international music. The Areito is extremely popular, however, so there is a cover charge most evenings.

The PACHA DISCO is another big dance club in Punta Cana. What stands out about Pacha is its live music. On select nights, visitors can dance to the Caribbean orchestra from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. On evenings with live music, Pacha charges guests a cover charge.

IMAGINE, Punta Cana’s newest and hottest disco. Seemingly straight out of a fairy tale, this castle converted disco is unlike any other night spot you have ever attended! This multi roomed, actually, multi-CAVED castle, will leave you breathless from the moment you lay your eyes on its majestic stature.

You’ll dance the night away, savoring one of their signature cocktails, while being entertained by fire breathing, flare bartenders. You will feel like royalty as you descend down into one of three progressively larger caves. Each as magnificent and astounding as the previous! Each cave comes complete with it’s own prominent Dj playing only the hottest tracks, rhythms and beats the Dominican Republic, and the world, have to offer!

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What About Night shows?

This resort produced shows tend to not be so good and if you’re stay is long you will see a repeat of the show before you go but all in all we think they deserve at least a chance (you can always walk out on one of them). Nevertheless some shows turn out to be quite good and some visitors called up to the stage might get some laughs out of you so we highly recommend you at least sit down through one of the shows during your stay.


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