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Punta Cana: All-Inclusive or Pay Separately?

Since you’re reading this post, either you are curious about Punta Cana or planning a trip. If you are contemplating visiting this tropical paradise or in the process of actually planning your trip, we will help you decide if you should opt for an all-inclusive trip or pay separately for each experience.

When to Go All-Inclusive

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The first item to consider when thinking about all-inclusive options is the amount that you and the people traveling with you like to eat and drink. Individuals who have larger appetites typically benefit most from all-inclusive plans because often there are no limits on the amount of food and drinks you have access to during your stay.

Some resorts offer services in addition to meals when you opt for an all-inclusive package. According to forum discussions, if you are unable to dine at a restaurant at the hour you wish, some resorts will bring food to your room! This is included in the all-inclusive package.

If this sounds appealing, this is definitely the way to go. It sure beats venturing out of your room in your pajamas in the late hours of the night when you get a craving for dessert!


Another time it is probably best to opt for an all-inclusive package is when everyone else in your travel group is doing so. If you are traveling in a large group, it could be awkward if the majority of the group is taking advantage of the unlimited food and drinks and you are stuck paying for each item that you order.

Lastly, think about an all-inclusive package if you plan to stick around the resort for the majority of your trip. Depending on the place you are staying, they may offer discounts for excursions or activities if you opt for an all-inclusive package.

At some places, these activities may be included in the package for no extra charge! This is something you should definitely check into when looking for a place to stay.

If you plan to be around the resort for most of your trip, opting for an all-inclusive package can take a lot of the financial stress off of you. Knowing that everything is paid for in advance saves you from worrying about the prices of each meal or beverage you order and will allow you to enjoy your vacation!

When to Pay Separately

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If you are not a big eater or drinker, it may be the better option for you to pay for each meal or drink separately in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Another time it may be best to pay separately is if you or someone in your group has dietary restrictions. If you or anyone you are traveling with has a restricted diet, it may be best for them to pay for each meal or shop for their own food instead of having to worry about the ingredients used to prepare each meal.

If you plan to spend most of your time exploring Punta Cana outside of your resort, it is probably best to pay for your meals and drinks separately instead of opting for an all-inclusive plan.

This will allow you to enjoy delicious meals at the resort if you wish but will keep you from feeling obligated to eat there since you paid for it. It is essentially the option that is the best of both worlds!

In the End…

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There really is not a “bad” choice that you can make when deciding on an all-inclusive plan. This decision will be unique for each traveler. No matter what you decide, you will be sure to experience the divine cuisine and incredible activities offered in Punta Cana!


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