Plane landing

You’ve made it through the plane trip to arrive safely in Punta Cana for your long-awaited vacation. Here are some tips to help you get settled and enjoy a relaxing stay in this beautiful tropical paradise.

The Airport

The airport is an open-air building. You will want to dress comfortably. Some parts of the building have air conditioning and some do not. When you first leave the plane, you will do so right on the tarmac through stairs; although indoor gateways are available in some terminals.

You will then be led to the immigration and customs area, where you will need a Tourist Card.

Getting a Tourist Card

If you have not already purchased one online, you will need to buy one at the airport before you exit. It is $10 per card and is purchased at the customs and immigration desk at the airport.

Leaving the Airport

Taxi sign

If your resort has ground transportation and it is included in the package, you will take that. Otherwise, there are taxis available. If someone approaches you that wants to carry your bags, have a person from your group in charge of bags, to determine where they are taken.

Be sure to tip the helpers; they depend on it.

Private tour companies will take care of your transportation and will be waiting outside the airport with signs. They will put you on a bus or van and take care of everything, getting you to check-in at the resort.

If you are taking a taxi to your hotel or resort, you can grab a taxi. The rates have been set, and you can go directly to your resort. Taxis are available 24/7, so if your flight is a late one, you need not worry.

It might cost you $20 for a close resort and $80 for one that is far away.

Private airport to hotel to airport transportation is also available by a number of local businesses. For a list of some of the companies that provide these transfers, go here.

Arriving at the Resort


It is important the all those in your group arrive at the resort check-in desk at the same time. At that time, while your luggage is being unloaded, you will get a plastic wristband from the desk; it identifies you as being a guest and entitles you to the services of the resort.

You might get the wristband en route on the bus, as well.

Read some tips from a Canadian visitor here. If you arrive thirsty, remember to check on the source of the tap water; do not drink it. Buy bottled water or find out if it is filtered. Then enjoy the start of your great Punta Cana vacation.


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