Wedding at the beach

Punta Cana is, without a doubt, one of the top wedding destinations in the Dominican Republic. There are 30 miles of beautiful coastline in this area, further emphasizing the beautiful backdrop that makes it such an ideal wedding destination.

One of the best things about choosing this destination is the wealth of resorts that offer amenities that are the perfect fora dream wedding.

Planning Makes a Difference

Using a wedding planner can help you make sure everything gets off as hassle-free as possible. Should you decide to host your wedding at one of the resorts, you’ll likely have access to a wedding planner who can help you with the details.

A few of the details you’ll want to bear in mind include:

  • Whether you want an indoor or beach wedding
  • What a wedding package within your budget includes
  • The best way to make arrangements for your photography
Bride and groom seated

Enlisting the help of a planner is a good way to ensure that your wedding plans are as well-planned as they deserve.

The Best Times to Plan a Wedding

Like any other common wedding destination, Punta Cana has peak months for weddings. These months are January, February, and September. Resorts often take advantage of these peak times by offering special wedding packages, lower room rates and other incentives that appeal to couples and their guests.

Should you decide to have your wedding during one of these times, you might be able to take advantage of special deals on excursions that your wedding party and other guests might enjoy.

How to Search Out a Venue from Afar

If you aren’t in a position to take a trip ahead of time to check out the venues, technology is your friend. The venues are likely to offer photo galleries on their websites and social media pages, and their staff will likely be glad to assist by sending updated pictures.

Others who have visited Punta Cana often share their photos of places you might consider as venues on Trip Advisor.

Planning for Your Decorations

Decorated chair

With the Dominican Republic being on an island with a different climate from most of the continental United States, some of the flowers you might be accustomed to might not be easily available.

However, a good planner will know how to find reasonable substitutions. There are enough colorful blooms native to the area to give you a great selection.

Keeping an open mind about the wealth of possibilities Punta Cana offers as an option when you’re married always helps. You’ll be able to have the dream ceremony you’ve always wanted when you plan everything with the help of a pro.


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