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Travelers to Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic will want to pack a variety of items for their stay. Even if you plan to be relaxing at the beach or lounging by the pool during much of your stay, you’ll want to have other options besides your bathing suit or bikini.


If you are not keen on carrying around a large suitcase, pack lightly, as you probably will not use all those fancy dresses. Since you don’t need a different outfit for each day, it makes sense to bring clothes that you can mix and match.

Lighter clothes that work in the warmth and humidity of the evenings will be useful. This blog tells you one experience in dressing for Punta Cana resorts.


You will need the following in your Punta Cana wardrobe:

  • Bathing suits
  • Cover-ups for bathing suits
  • Flip flops for beach and pool
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Sundress
  • Capris or shorts
  • Dress or dressy tops for evening

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Your resort might have a dress code for dinner; be sure to find out before your trip. Shorts and crop tops are usually not worn for evening.

If you like to swim, it is wise to bring several bathing suits, so you won’t have to put on a wet or damp one the next day. This is advice for both men and women. Bringing a hat might be a good idea if you plan on spending time in the sun.

You might want to read this discussion on packing. You want to bring light clothing instead of heavy jackets and jeans. Your clothing should be breathable for the humid weather. Fashion Travel Girl has some suggestions for your Punta Cana vacation.

If you plan on hiking, you will want to have suitable clothing for venturing into the rainforest or zipping around on a zip-line. Athletic shoes, sneakers or whatever works for walking is a smart idea if you are leaving the comfort of your resort.

As far as jewelry is concerned, it is wise to wear little of it; so just bring your favorites, keeping it very simple. Remember to bring sunglasses; it might be smart to bring a spare as well.


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It is wise to bring long pants for evenings, as some resorts do not let those wearing shorts or jeans into dinner. Read this experience, as someone wants to know a place that will accept shorts for dinnertime.

This policy may refer to the air-conditioned indoor restaurants. You can always change back into shorts after dinner, so it is not that important. Find out the policy, if possible, before you get there, then you will be prepared.

However, you prefer to dress, make sure to bring at least one bathing suit and prepare for the fun of a Punta Cana vacation.


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