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If you’re looking where to plan your next vacation, look no further. Punta Cana is the best spot in the Caribbean for any sort of trip, whether you are traveling on your honeymoon or planning an excursion with the whole family. Located on the beaches of the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, this island paradise offers excitement of all types for people of all ages. Below we give you some tips so you can plan the perfect Punta Cana Holidays .

When to visit?

Any time of the year is a great time to visit Punta Cana, since the average temperature year round is 79 degrees, which is warm enough to enjoy the world-famous beaches, charter a boat, or explore the nearby islands. The hotels offer a constant array of luxury at a fraction of the price that you would find in the United States.

Is Accommodation affordable?

If you have ever wanted to stay at a five-star resort, but were concerned that you couldn’t afford it, Punta Cana has these top-tier hotels available at three-star prices. There are even adults only and kid friendly hotels to accommodate your unique travel needs.

What to do?

A trip to the beach is only the beginning of the adventures you can have in Punta Cana. Diving and snorkeling trips, as well as afternoon cruises and speedboat rides can provide plenty of aquatic action. If you prefer to stay on land, however, there are monster truck safaris to the interior of the Dominican Republic, where you can peruse the local villages, explore the jungles and rivers, and even see the industries that keep the Dominican Republic thriving, such as the sugar cane and coffee fields.


For the golfing fans, Punta Cana boasts several world-class golf courses, with a wide array of coaches, caddies, and buggies at your service. If you didn’t bring your golfing partner, plenty of friendly travelers would love to meet up with you for a game.


For the adults, Punta Cana has an incomparable nightlife which is not to be missed. Most hotels have all inclusive packages, so it’s possible to stay at your resort and enjoy the complimentary drinks and food, as well as the wide array of spectacular evening performance shows.

If you are feeling more adventurous, however, Punta Cana nightlife begins around midnight, and kicks off at the local bars and clubs like the Mangu Discotheque or the Areito. You can enjoy refreshing rum drinks and Presidente beer at the bar, but remember to brush up on your dancing, since Punta Cana’s DJs spin merengue and other local favorites all night long.

For the entire family

If you are bringing the whole family, you will probably enjoy a trip to Punta Cana’s thriving markets to look at the latest in fashion and handmade crafts. If you’re not up to speed on your Spanish, don’t worry, because many of the local merchants will be more than happy to conduct business in English.

If you’re looking for a way to cool off afterwards, take a trip to one of the local water parks, where you can enjoy slides and rides which are fun for all ages.

Punta Cana has all the modern amenities of any high class resort town, at a much lower cost than you would find at many other Caribbean getaways. Take some time to explore the wonders of Punta Cana and we’re sure you won’t be able to stay away!


  1. I spent two trips to Natura Park in 2003.
    The first visit was in February and it was an incredible trip, so I booked a second trip through the same travel agent for late March/ early April for myself and my Son and his fiancé. The prices were the same as in February except the travel agency was to book separate rooms for me and another suite for my Son. When we got there, we were told that the prices had changed for their airfare and I would have to pay another $1100.00 for my Son and his wife. I tried to show all of the travel agency paperwork, but I was told we would have to share a small room, instead of having separate rooms. I wrote a letter to the Blau Corp. to get a refund or another trip to come back. I never heard anything from the Blau Co. and it cost me $1179 for myself, $1200 for my son and daughter in-law and then another $1100 on top of the $1200 for their 11 day trip. Nobody except the employees, did anything for us, because they remembered me from my trip in February. I worked in the Bar and Restaurant business for 23 yrs. I was fortunate I had the extra $1100 to pay for my Son’s trip, but we didn’t have any extra money to spend on anything. I was a USPTA tennis instructor, and a USGA asst. golf instructor, but I brought my golf clubs with me on my first visit in February, and it was too hot to even play, so I planned to just play tennis, but I didn’t have enough money to be able to tip your employees like I did on my first visit, and how come it cost twice as much for my Son ($2300) than l spent for my two trips. I would really like to come down again, but I was taken advantage of on my last trip, and I can go on another trip to almost anywhere. I showed all the paperwork to your desk staff, they couldn’t believe that it was only $1200 for my first trip and $1175 for myself for the second trip. It was only $300 airfare for round trip, but the travel agency charged me $1200 for my Son and his wife to have a suite of their own, but things were out of control on the last trip and any correspondence was never addressed. Blau corp. or Natura Park didn’t want to work out any of the problems I encountered on that last trip, and I was looking forward to coming back, except I will not refer any other friends to come down when I can go somewhere else, at a more affordable rate.
    The screw-up was caused by the travel agent at Macy’s and I closed my account with them because the girl said that the airfare had doubled for my Son and his wife and she assured me that we would have separate suites, but it cost $3500 dollars instead of $2200. I hope you can forward this letter to Blau corporation and Natura Park to show my “Nightmare travel trip” and the way it was handled. This was after the Staff had to charge me another $1100 and couldn’t even give us separate rooms. It was quite an unenjoyable experience I have ever had traveling and I have been to Punta Cana three different times. I can go to an all-inclusive trip to most destinations for a lot less than to the D.R. I have sent 8 other couples to Natura Park, and they haven’t had any problems like the ones I had.


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