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Following a vegan diet can feel hard enough at home, and thinking about how to maintain it in the Caribbean can be nerve-racking. On your vacation, you want to have fun in the sun, not worry about where and what to eat.

Lucky for you, Punta Cana offers a variety of delicious, vegan-friendly places to dine. Read on to learn more about them.

Pearl Beach Club

The beautiful, relaxing Pearl Beach Club is located right on the beach, and, according to past visitors on TripAdvisor, has excellent service. The best part? The restaurant’s menu offers options for vegans.

Two standout items include a vegan salad, which includes ingredients such as watermelon, avocado, and cucumber, with passion fruit vinaigrette, and a side dish of sautéed vegetables. Additionally, there’re plenty of meat dishes on the menu to please other members of your party who aren’t vegan.

Price: $$$

Pastrata Mexican Restaurant

Pastrata Mexican Restaurant

At this small Mexican restaurant, most dishes can be made vegan by removing the cheese. Salads, guacamole, pico de gallo and veggie tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are all available. Savor your favorite Mexican dishes and be treated to friendly service and fresh food.

Price: $$


Indian food is the focus of Pranama’s menu. If the restaurant didn’t lure you in due to the smells of spices filling the air around it, then the food did. Rice dishes, curries, and kabobs, livened up with stellar sauces, are must-order menu items here. The unique ambiance and authentic Indian food make for a memorable meal.

Price: $$

AmaLuna Vegan Restaurant & Lab

As its name suggests, this restaurant is perfect for vegans. Burgers, Buddha Bowls, smoothies, and pasta are some of the mouth-watering options offered. These vegan eats are served in a romantic and chill atmosphere. All of the tables are outside, and every platter is presented creatively.

Make sure to save room for dessert because many diners rave about them. At AmaLuna, enjoy tarts, sorbet or crepes that are both delicious and meet your dietary needs.

Price: $$

JOY Nutritional Popsicle


Yes, there are popsicles on the menu at JOY Nutritional Popsicle, but that’s not all. The café also offers coffee, juices, smoothie bowls and delicious choices for breakfast or lunch. Treat yourself to a big bowl of fruit, rice or a salad, and enjoy a delicious start to your day.

It is worth noting that the popsicles flavors are unique. Passion fruit or avocado popsicle, anyone?

Price: $


If you can’t have enough Mexican food, check out this taco bar. Since dishes can be made vegan on request, items such as mushroom tacos and rice and veggie bowls are yours to order. Wacamole also has a large alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink menu.

Sure, beers, cocktails, signature drinks and liquors are on it, but so are sodas and many kinds of juice. With the restaurant’s attractive, colorful décor, you’ll be dining in style.

Price: $

The Market

The Market Restaurant in Punta Cana

This buffet-style restaurant, located in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, offers a casual dining experience. Are you indecisive when it comes to what to order? Want to please all the members of your family, vegans and non-vegans alike? Go to The Market’s breakfast buffet, where, among the meats, yogurts and eggs are some gems.

Juices in pretty pastel shades, a rainbow of fruit, an appetizing vegetable selection, and more offerings are available to delight you.

Price: $$$

Just because you don’t eat animal products doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice eating well in Punta Cana. These restaurants are proof. ¡Coma! Eat!

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