Coca Cola being served

When it comes to the local water in Punta Cana, there are numerous ideas on staying free from intestinal bugs while enjoying your vacation. As far as ice cubes in drinks, most people warn against it unless it is in your upscale hotel or resort.

Ice Cubes or Not?

According to most comments on Trip Advisor, ice cubes from the resort bar are made from filtered water. Water is filtered at the resort; some resorts get ice delivered from sources that filter the water.

Drinks in Bars

It is advisable to not drink the ice cubes in the bars outside of the resort. Remember that the coconut in drinks is a natural laxative, so overdoing the fun drinks, whether with ice cubes or not, can lead to stomach distress.

Avoid the drinking of tap water, whether in the hotel or outside. Drinks without ice are a safer bet when traveling about in Punta Cana.


Plate of food with a glass of wine

Keep away from iced drinks in restaurants, unless you know the water is filtered. The best bet is dining in the hotel, especially at the all-inclusive resorts, where you know the water is safe.

However, there are abundant choices in dining in everything ethnic as well as American. Chain restaurants are sure to have food that agrees with travelers, and they will always have bottled water.

Bottled Water

It is recommended to always carry bottled water when out and about in Punta Cana. Since you never know about a water source, it is better to avoid dehydration with bottled or filtered water.

The local water is not toxic but is treated differently than what Europeans and North Americans are used to and can cause stomach problems.

No Need for Ice

Glass of rum

To avoid drinks with ice, while in Punta Cana, try the local concoction that is made from combining rum, red wine, and honey, and then allowing that mixture to soak with tree bark and herbs.

Mama Juana tastes like Port and is revered for amazing benefits; its nickname is “liquid Viagra.” Quality is restricted to those who sell the approved version. The effects of this drink are immediate, as it is usually taken in a shot glass.

It is rarely consumed with ice, so drinking this drink at room temperature may solve your problems. However, drinking too much of Mama Juana might cause other problems.

In short, enjoy the local drinks of Punta Cana without ice cubes. And while there, try some Mama Juana (without ice); eat, drink, and be merry and feel great while on vacation.


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