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Have you ever thought about getting married in a warm and tropical climate? It may seem like this is something out of reach because of a multitude of factors. One of the big reasons why a destination wedding seems out of reach is often because of the price.

Today we will answer the question “Is it expensive to get married in Punta Cana?” so that you can properly assess all of your options!

The Actual Costs

While the costs of the ceremony will vary depending on a number of factors including the resort you choose to stay at, we can give you a general idea of some of the items that you may have to factor into your total cost.

One traveler on TripAdvisor reports that if you register with the City Clerk in Punta Cana to get married you will need the following documents:

A valid passport for both parties

Original birth certificate for both parties

Single Status Affidavits will need to be completed, notarized, and translated into Spanish

If either party is divorced, you will need a divorce certificate(s) that has been notarized and translated into Spanish

A Statutory Declaration must be completed in Spanish and notarized by each person

A registration fee of $455 (USD)

Passports for two witnesses


Note that this was just one traveler’s experience. This traveler noted that if you choose to go to a resort or local church, there may be additional requirements or fees that are not mentioned here.

So How Much Did Other People Spend?

One traveler on TripAdvisor reports spending a total of $2000.00 for their Punta Cana wedding. This cost included a wedding with fifty guests in attendance and took place in the month of February as well as a private dinner after the ceremony.

This is much cheaper than a lot of traditional United States Weddings!

A Symbolic Ceremony

Since expenses can add up when you take the paperwork of a wedding into account, some individuals reported on TripAdvisor that they chose to have a symbolic wedding ceremony in Punta Cana to avoid the hassle and cost of paperwork.

If you are satisfied with this option, you can easily save on extra costs associated with the technical side of getting married. Additionally, travelers on TripAdvisor report that you may be able to work with the wedding coordinator at the resort you choose to set up the perfect symbolic ceremony.

The Verdict

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Getting married in Punta Cana can be much cheaper than the traditional United States wedding if you take the appropriate steps. You can cut down on costs in general by inviting fewer guests or even having a symbolic ceremony.

Remember, the important part of the day is sharing your love with your significant other, so keep that at the center of your priorities!


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